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Biovet Symposium for South Asia

Biovet Symposium for South AsiaLast October 20, Biovet S.A. and the distributor Doctor’s Agrovet organized the Symposium for customers in the area

Biovet S.A., together with the distributor Doctor’s Agrovet, from Bangladesh, organized the Symposium for South Asia in Pokhara (Nepal) on October 20. The event counted with the participation of more than 60 people, customers and distributors from Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

During the Symposium, fungal and bacterial contamination in feed, poultry immunity and mycotoxin prevention were discussed. At the end of each block, customers have presented their experiences with Biovet products.

Also, during the entire week, the technical-veterinary team has visited farms in the area and feed mill factories and has carried out necropsies, to offer solutions to the problems they face, such as:

1. Prevention of mycotoxins:

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites produced by fungi that contaminate broiler feed. These harmful substances have an impact on the digestive system, internal organs and the immune system of birds, making them susceptible to other diseases. Therefore, Biovet S.A. offers Alquerfeed Antitox which is a mycotoxin binder which is based on Silicoglycidol. This proprietary molecule protects against a broad spectrum of mycotoxins and functions throughout the digestive tract of broilers.

2. Feed contamination:

The feed can be contaminated with microorganisms that affect its quality. Alquermold Natural/Alquerbac Plus is a preservative made up of a cimenol ring and citric acid with broad-spectrum microbiocidal properties, immediate and prolonged efficacy. This product allows feed to be preserved and acts as a natural antimicrobial against pathogenic microorganisms in the digestive system of broilers, thus preventing infections such as necrotic enteritis.

3. Birds immunity:

Alquernat Immuplus is a natural immunostimulant based on pronutrients, active molecules from plant extracts, which physiologically stimulate the activity of the cells of the immune system.

The ALQUERFEED ANTITOX, ALQUERBAC PLUS and ALQUERFEED IMMUPLUS products offer solutions to these most frequent problems that can be found in South Asia. All additives are natural, therefore, they do not require a withdrawal period, nor do they leave residues in animals.

Biovet Symposium for South Asia

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