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Biovet S.A. participates at the AMVEAV Veracruz 2022

Biovet S.A. participates at the AMVEAV Veracruz 2022

Representatives of Biovet S.A. were present in Proinsavet’s (one of Biovet’s distributors in Mexico) booth in the XX meeting of AMVEAV held from 15-17 June in Veracruz, Mexico. The congress was organized by Asociación de Médicos Veterinarios Especialistas en Aves de Veracruz and brought together representatives from the avian sector of the region.

This time, Dr. Felipe Mendy, veterinarian of Biovet S.A., was present at the Proinsavet stand to attend to those interested.

Alquermold Natural preservative and natural microbicide

There were presented the products of Biovet S.A. such as Alquermold Natural, natural product with powerful bactericidal and fungicidal activity.

Its action is based on the synergy between cimenol ring and citric acid. It works as a natural preservative, with an immediate broad-spectrum effect that lasts up to 6 months, and as a natural digestive antimicrobial.

Its microbiocidal properties make it effective against pathogenic fungi and bacteria present in the digestive tract without altering or damaging the beneficial microbiota.

In addition, several field trials have demonstrated its effectiveness to prevent necrotic enteritis. Finally, as it is a totally safe product, it does not leave residues, is safe both for animals and workers and does not require withdrawal period so it is presented as an effective alternative to organic acids.


Alquermold Natural preservative and natural microbicide

Pronutrients to improve intestinal welfare naturally

In the different meetings there was also a lot of interest in learning more about the mechanism of action of pronutrients. These active molecules of botanical origin have a positive effect on the animal’s organism. Specifically, in this event the product Alquernat Nebsui was presented, which contains intestinal conditioner pronutrients, these act favorably on the integrity of the intestinal mucosa of animals, improving nutrient absorption and feed conversion.

On the other hand, Alquernat Zycox, which contains intestinal optimizer pronutrients, enhances the intestinal immune system of the animal in such a way that it improves the response to coccidia infestations.


Pronutrients to improve intestinal welfare naturally

The three products detailed are available in Veracruz throughout the distributor Proinsavet. For more information contact us.

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