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Biovet S.A. presented its products for laying hens in a technical videoconference

products for laying hens

In a videoconference on April 7, 2022, Biovet S.A. presented its line of products and their combined use in laying hens.

Laying hens are currently a key element in poultry farming worldwide due to their efficient and sustainable production. To obtain an efficient system, it is advisable to use additives that provide laying hens with excellent quality feed, which optimizes the digestive system and improves egg production.

One of the objectives of poultry farms is to maintain the quality and safety of the feed supplied to the birds. Therefore, the use of Alquermold Natural is recommended, which is a natural preservative with bactericidal and fungicidal effects against pathogenic microorganisms present in the feed. The use of this product increases the laying percentage, egg weight, and reduces the rate of dirty eggs.

On the other hand, mycotoxins are toxic metabolites produced by fungi, and are one of the most relevant problems in the poultry industry since they are hepatotoxic and reduce egg-laying. To face this problem, the use of Alquerfeed Antitox is recommended, it is composed of Biovet S.A.’s patented molecule Silicoglycidol, which has been demonstrate to increase the percentage of laying up to 2.7%.

Biovet S.A.’s products for the rearing phase in laying hens

Among Biovet S.A.’s products that allow optimizing the rearing phase in laying hens is Alquernat Nebsui. This product composed of intestinal conditioner pronutrients helps birds to reach their standard weight, achieve uniformity, optimize the development of the digestive tract, and modulate the intestinal microbiota.

Additionally, coccidiosis is another relevant problem in poultry farming during the rearing phase. For the control of coccidiosis, Alquernat Zycox is recommended and can be administered continuously or in pulse form to prevent this infection. In addition, infections by pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, Proteus, or Pseudomonas can occur in the rearing phase. To control these bacterial infections, Alquermold Natural is recommended, which is a natural antimicrobial applied in drinking water.

Finally, in the rearing phase, there is a critical period when stress increase due to changes in temperature, housing, and feed. To face this problem, the use of Aval Premium is recommended in drinking water as it provides pronutrients, vitamins, and amino acids. This product improves the adaptation of the immune system, development, and intestinal welfare.

Biovet S.A. products for the laying phase in poultry farming

Biovet S.A.’s videoconference also addressed the needs during the productive phase of laying hens. In this phase, the use of Alquernat Nebsui improves productivity, shell quality, and egg quality. Likewise, the use of Alquermold Natural allows the control of pathogenic microorganisms that can affect the laying of the birds.

In laying hens, liver problems are recurrent, therefore the use of Alquernat Livol is recommended, which is a liver conditioner that improves liver function in birds by optimizing its regeneration. In addition to this, these production birds require high levels of calcium to maintain the quality of the shell and bones, so it is recommended to add Alquernat Magacal to the diet. This makes it possible to utilize the calcium in the diet and improve calcium reserves.

Finally, heat stress that frequently affects birds can be controlled with Alquerfeed Ovoponedoras, which improves eggshell quality and contains carbonates that restore metabolic balance, which avoids mobilizing calcium when birds are in high temperatures.

Finally, Biovet S.A.’s technical videoconference addressed the administration schemes of these products for laying hens, considering the weeks of life and the production phases in each case. In this way, a program can be implemented for rearing hens and for hens in the production phase. This will allow solving the common needs and specific challenges of the farms, reducing losses, and improving the production system.

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