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Intestinal conditioner pronutrients improve economic profitability in pigs

Intestinal conditioner pronutrients improve economic profitability in pigs

Biovet S.A. has carried out a trial in fattening pigs where the positive effect of intestinal conditioner pronutrients was demonstrated.

Recently, Biovet S.A. carried out an in vivo trial in pigs which demonstrated the positive results of the intestinal conditioner pronutrients, Alquernat Nebsui, during the fattening phase on productive and economic parameters.

Intestinal conditioner pronutrients are active molecules of botanical origin that have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. The animals supplemented with pronutrients show an improvement in the integrity of the intestinal mucosa. This effect is obtained by increasing the enterocyte renewal rate and improving the tight junctions between these cells.

The study was conducted in 2021 in Peru by Biovet S.A. in a collaboration with the Catholic University of Santa Maria. A total of 42 4-month-old pigs were used. In this trial, the efficiency of the intestinal conditioner pronutrients Alquernat Nebsui (0.5Kg/ton) was compared with ractopamine (0.5Kg/T), both in the diet.

Intestinal conditioner pronutrients: economic and production improvements

The results obtained showed that the animals treated with intestinal conditioner pronutrients had a higher final weight of 72.5 kg. This figure represented 2 kg more weight in each animal, compared to the group treated with ractopamine. In addition, better average daily weight gain and lower feed conversion rate were also observed in the animals with intestinal conditioner pronutrients.

On the other hand, the results of the study also showed economic advantages in the animals treated with intestinal conditioner pronutrients. For example, the results indicate higher economic profitability with an improvement of 9.58% over the control group. In addition, improved economic profitability of 10.53% over the ractopamine-treated group.

The study indicates that a farm of 1000 animals replacing ractopamine with Alquernat Nebsui could produce 2.1 tons more of meat. In addition, this change would save 3.2 tons of feed in the last 28 days of fattening.

Thus, the results indicate improvements in terms of production, economics, and animal welfare. Animals fed with intestinal conditioner pronutrients obtain higher weight gain, better feed conversion rate, and benefits in the prevention of diarrhea.

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