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Alquernat trademark registered in Indonesia

Alquernat trademark registered in Indonesia

This line includes the products with pronutrients from Biovet S.A.

Biovet S.A, a manufacturer of additives for animal feed of natural origin, has recently registered the trademark Alquernat in Indonesia.

The Alquernat line includes the products of Biovet S.A. made with pronutrients. These are molecules of botanical origin capable of stimulating and improving animal physiology by increasing gene expression. Its use in poultry, swine and aquaculture allows the proper functioning of the organs, improving the productive parameters of the farm and animal welfare. In addition, as they are natural products, they allow the substitution of chemical additives in animal feed, they are totally safe, they do not create resistance or waste, and they do not require withdrawal period.

This brand, which is already registered in several countries of the American and European continent, now also has a registry that will ensure exclusivity and protection in the Asian market.

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