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Effect of Alquermold SI in broilers infected with Salmonella infantis

Effect of Alquermold SI in broilers infected with Salmonella infantisThe natural antimicrobial from Biovet S.A. was presented at the XXXV Biovet International Symposium

Last Thursday, June 17, 2021, at the XXXV Biovet International Symposium, Dr. Connie Gallardo, professor at the Universidad Científica del Sur (Lima, Peru), presented a trial on the effect of Alquermold SI in broilers infected with Salmonella infantis.

In this edition, the Symposium was entitled ‘Intestinal Welfare and Food Safety’. Salmonella infantis is one of the most common bacteria in broiler farms and with the highest resistance to antibiotics. It is a zoonotic microorganism, for this reason, it is essential that poultry farms maintain prevention systems to avoid contamination of poultry products for human consumption.

Recently, Biovet S.A. has developed a natural antimicrobial marketed as Alquermold SI. The product has a powerful bactericide effect and is specially designed to reduce Salmonella loads in the digestive tract. It contains active ingredients that have been shown to be effective against the zoonotic variety Salmonella infantis.

Alquermold SI, the effective product for the control of Salmonella infantis

Specifically, at the Symposium, Dr. Connie Gallardo presented an experimental trial, carried out by the Universidad Científica del Sur in collaboration with Biovet SA, in which broilers were used to control the presence of Salmonella infantis.

The administration of Alquermold SI, compared to the use of formaldehyde, has shown an improvement in the productive parameters such as weight (+51.5 g / bird), the feed conversion rate (improvement of 3.4%), mortality (100% reduction) and batch homogeneity (+9.2%). These improvements are due to a better balance of the digestive microflora, which is observed in a reduction of the moisture in the feaces and of the lesions at the digestive level.

In addition, Alquermold SI controls the proliferation of Salmonella infantis in birds, a bacterium that represents a danger to food safety. The study has shown that the birds in the batch supplemented with Alquermold SI obtained negative results in the digestive analysis for Salmonella infantis, while in the batch with formaldehyde this microorganism was isolated.

Definitely, Alquermold SI has proven to be much more effective in the control of Salmonella infantis than the use of formaldehyde and it is postulated as a natural tool to promote intestinal welfare and food safety.

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