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In January, Biovet will be at ‘MVC: Cereals-Mixed Feeds-Veterinary Exhibition’ in Moscow

Biovet will present the latest news about mycotoxin binders, pronutrients and preservatives

For the frist time, Biovet will have representation at the exhibition  MVC:Cereals-Mixed Feeds-Veterinary to be held in January, 28-30 2020 in Moscow. This exhibition has been held since 1996 and has established as one of the most important fairs in European and Asian market. Veterinarians, producers and professionals meet annually to share and exchange new ideas and knowledge.

This time, Biovet will have a stand located at number 162 of Hall A.  Attendees visiting the stand will be able to obtain accurate information about the company’s news and products.

Mycotoxin binders, pronutrients and preservatives

The mycotoxin binder, Alquerfeed Antitox, will be one of the leading product of this edition. It is based on Silicoglycidol molecule, patented by Biovet S.A. Thanks to this mycotoxins go through the intestinal tract without causing irritation in the intestinal walls (enteritis) and without being absorbed (mycotoxicosis). Furthermore, Alquerfeed Antitox, does not adsorb other products beneficial for the animals such as vitamins, enzymes or aminoacids.

On the other hand, intestinal optimizers and conditioners pronutrients, Alquernat Zycox and Alquernat Nebsui, will be also presented in the exhibition. Both are natural products based on pronutrients: active natural molecules which act in the physiology of the animals improving animal welfare and productivity.

In the first case, Alquernat Zycox, is an intestinal optimizer that optimize the intestinal mucosa, which normalizes the activity of the local immune system of the gastrointestinal tract. The immune system is then capable of breaking the reproductive cycle of coccidia, so these parasites can’t penetrate other cells and damage the mucosa.

Secondly, Alquernat Nebsui, is an intestinal conditioner that promote the regeneration of enterocytes, improve the absorption of nutrients, optimize digestive processes and replace antibiotic growth promoters.

Finally, the preservative Alquermold Natural will be also presented. It is a product based on cimenol ring that acts as a bactericide, fungicide and intestinal biocide.


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