Biovet will give a lecture about the use of pronutrients on turkeys in the Turkey Times

Biovet will give a lecture about the use of pronutrients on turkeys in the Turkey Times

Chester, in the United Kingdom, will host the thirteenth edition of the Turkey Times, which will take place between the 6th and the 8th of March, 2019. On this occasion, Biovet S.A. Laboratories will present the conference “Pronutrients (botanical molecules) improve the status of the digestive tract and prevent parasitosis in turkeys”. The talk, scheduled on Friday the 8th at 11:35 am, will be hold this year by Dr. Júlia Pié, veterinarian of the technical department of the company.

The Turkey Science and Production Conference aims to bring suppliers and auxiliary bodies of the European turkey industry together. The main objectives of the current year gathering will be sharing the latest scientific developments and production trends in this sector. According to its organizers, Turkey Times is also a platform where representatives and delegates of this industry can establish bonds, “discuss existing business and explore possible new opportunities”.

Combination of intestinal conditioning and intestinal optimizing pronutrients

The conference will focus on the role of intestinal conditioning and intestinal optimizing pronutrients in the improvement of the digestive system in turkeys. More specifically, the functioning and mechanism of action of Biovet’s pronutrient Alquernat Coneb will be detailed in depth. Such additive is composed by intestinal conditioners, which promote the regeneration and activity of the enterocytes, giving the intestinal mucosa a better organization and, therefore, nutrients from the diet are better absorbed. In addition, the rate of intestinal cell renewal is higher, which limits bacterial colonization.

The aforementioned intestinal conditioners, combined with intestinal optimizers, reinforce the activity of the local immune system in the intestine and, therefore, the intestine is more resistant to pathogens present in the digestive tract.

A healthy digestive system is crucial to maintain high productivity rates in turkey farming

The conditions present in the intensive breeding of farm turkeys involve an inherent lack of molecules of botanical origin that animals obtain from the vegetation present in their natural environment. The effects of this deficiency usually translate into enteric infections, such as histomoniasis.

To maintain a healthy digestive system, some additives with a standardized amount of pronutrients capable of improving and strengthening the intestinal mucosa are needed. Such additives, like pronutrients, increase the absorption of nutrients and strengthen the immune system of the animal at this level.

Pronutrients are molecules of botanical origin that stimulate and regulate animal physiology without pharmacological effect. These molecules reinforce and maintain animal welfare and have a positive effect on productivity and economic parameters, and help improving the characteristics of the final product.

The efficacy and the mechanism of action of pronutrients designed for turkeys have been tested in in vitro and in vivo experiments. Due to their natural origin, pronutrients do not leave residues in the animal nor its derived products. In addition, pronutrients do not require a withdrawal period after administration and are effective even when administered in low doses.

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