Use of Alquernat Coneb, intestinal conditioner and optimizer, in turkeys

Use of Alquernat Coneb, intestinal conditioner and optimizer, in turkeys

During this trial, conducted in the ​​Cundinamarca region (Colombia) in 2016, a liquid product rich in intestinal conditioner and optimizer pronutrients was evaluated for the control of histomoniasis in turkeys.


Due to the high susceptibility of the turkey to this disease and the possibility of an outbreak during the entire growth stage of the animal, the study was performed during the 18 weeks expected for the growth of the turkeys, whether they were intended for fattening or reproduction.


  • TREATMENT BATCH (11.000 animals): Fed with basal diet and intestinal conditioner and optimizer liquid pronutrients at a dose of 1 ml/L mixed with the drinking water during the entire growth stage.
  • CONTROL BATCH (11.000 animals): Fed only with the basal diet.


Chart 1 shows how mortality began to increase in the control group during week 5, mortality peak appeared from week 6 to 9, as usual in histomoniasis, reaching 12% of cumulated mortality in the 10th week of life of the turkeys, compared to the 1% cumulated mortality in the treated batch by the same time.

At the end of the trial the cumulative mortality difference between the two batches was of 16,2 points, which represented a reduction of 81,3%, a total of 1.782 turkeys (Chart 2).

Chart 1: Weekly mortality (%) until week 10.

Chart 2: Cumulated mortality (%) at the end of the trial.


Batch treated with intestinal conditioner and optimizer liquid pronutrients managed to reduce mortality by 81,3% and did not show symptoms of histomoniasis, which at the same time decreased the use of antimicrobials.

These intestinal conditioner and intestinal optimizer liquid pronutrients are commercially available under the name Alquernat Coneb L, development and manufactured by Biovet S.A Laboratories.