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Liver stress, a topic of great interest at IPSF 2024

During the International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) Dr. David Díez gave the conference: “Effect of Liver Conditioner Pronutrients to Prevent and Ameliorate the Effects of Liver Stress in Layers” which took place on January 30 at 9:15 a.m., in room B313.

About 70 people attended the talk and expressed great interest in our natural products and asked numerous questions related to the prevention of liver stress.

During the conference and following meetings, these questions were answered, and the information was complemented with other solutions to improve intestinal welfare, closely related to liver one.

Likewise, topics of interest such as the control of intestinal pathogens and the improvement of the state of the digestive mucosa were addressed.

Solutions for the prevention of liver stress

Pronutrients are active molecules found in different botanical extracts that optimize the physiological functioning of the organs naturally.

Liver conditioner pronutrients are an effective liver regenerator, capable of restoring the state of the liver after being damaged by hepatotoxic substances such as mycotoxins, bacterial toxins, and free radicals. They are also a tool for the prevention of hemorrhagic fatty liver syndrome.

Liver conditioning pronutrients are developed and marketed by Biovet S.A under the name ALQUERNAT LIVOL.

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