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Biovet, S.A. selected in the top 500 companies

Reconocimiento CEPYME

Biovet, S.A. has been included within the top CEPYME 500 companies for its business growth, its results, innovation and international projection.

In the Spanish state there are approximately 2,950,000 SMES, which employ 80% of the workers in the country. Since 1977 they are represented by CEPYME, recognized as the most representative business organization in the Spanish state.

The confederation of SMES (CEPYME), through its CEPYME 500 initiative, selects the 500 leading companies, between of almost 3 million, for their business growth, results, innovation and international projection.

This recognition, together with the one received by Biovet from UCO-INNOVA in 2023 and that from the Tarragona Chamber of Commerce in 2017, confirm the importance of research and international projection in the growth of companies.

It is considered that the less advanced countries invest between 1 and 2% of their GDP while the more advanced countries invest between 3 and 5% of their GDP. These data should be qualified taking into consideration the result of the investment: patents, products placed on the market and influence on the increase of the country’s GDP.

It is considered that companies improve their ranking, if they exceed the % of investment, in relation to their sales income, of the most advanced countries. Likewise, in the case of companies, it should be noted that this investment should reflect in: patents, products placed on the market, influence on increased sales, and in our sector, improvement of animal welfare, improvement of food safety and of efficiency in production.

At Biovet, S.A., since our beginnings in 1984, we prioritized the product development and, since 1994, the internationalization.

In 2004 we achieved 100% of our sales in export, a share maintained until today thanks to an innovative catalogue and the team of professionals at Biovet, S.A.

In Biovet, S.A. we believe that the 3 recognitions: UCO-INNOVA, Chamber of Commerce and CEPYME 500, are the result of teamwork, investment in R&D and internationalization, in recent years, despite difficult conditions.


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