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Biovet S.A. participates one more year in VIV Asia 2023

Biovet S.A. participates one more year in VIV Asia 2023VIV Asia 2023 opens its doors again, after 4 years

VIV Asia is Asia’s largest trade show dedicated to the world of livestock production, animal husbandry and all related sectors, from feed production to animal farming, veterinary, animal health solutions, production and processing of chicken meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and more. More than 1,200 exhibiting companies are expected to participate, attracting industry professionals from around the world, from more than 120 countries. The show is scheduled from March 8-10, 2023, in a new space, IMPACT, in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Biovet S.A. team awaits you at booth No. 3430

A Biovet technical-commercial team will be present at booth No. 3430 and will answer all queries about the latest natural additives developed, about the mechanism of action of the products and field studies that demonstrate their efficiency. Also, during the 3 days of the fair, meetings will be established with distributors and clients from Asia, from countries such as China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

Alquerfeed Diatom, the newest product developed by the Biovet S.A.’s R&D team and destined to improve the intestinal transit of the birds, will be presented during the meetings.

It is a product based on optimized diatoms that increases the retention time of feed in the digestive tract of birds, which favors feed contact with digestive enzymes and intestinal microvilli. This generates a positive effect on growth rate, feed efficiency and intestinal welfare.

The results of the field tests in broiler farms have shown that Alquerfeed Diatom improves the digestibility of nutrients and the productivity of the animals, achieving a higher final weight (+92 g / bird), better feed conversion rate (-3.8 %) and greater uniformity (+4%) and breast percentage (+7%).

Intestinal optimizer pronutrients to prevent coccidiosis

Coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis are two of the most important diseases in poultry production with serious economic consequences, with a presence in Asia. They are closely related to each other, since coccidiosis is one of the main predisposing factors for necrotic enteritis, and mixed infections are common.

Intestinal conditioner and optimizer pronutrients are two types of active molecules from plant extracts that can act synergistically to improve animal resistance against coccidiosis and other protozoan enteric diseases.

The intestinal conditioner and optimizer pronutrients are marketed in the Alquernat Coneb product, developed and manufactured by Biovet S.A.

To obtain information about our products, we will wait for you at Booth No. 3430, in Impact Bangkok and we will be happy to assist you.


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