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Technical-commercial visits in Mexico

Technical-commercial visits in MexicoIn mid-November, a veterinary technical team from Biovet S.A. made a tour of technical-commercial visits in Mexico. During it, the main poultry and pig producers interested in the use of natural additives to improve the health and nutrition of their animals were visited.

Veracruz, Queretaro and Yucatán were the states visited on this occasion, which stand out for having a large production of eggs, chickens and pigs.

Alquerfeed Diatom, slower of intestinal transit in birds

The most innovative product of Biovet S.A., Alquerfeed Diatom, has been the protagonist of the meetings. Alquerfeed Diatom is made up of activated diatoms, that is, fossilized remains of unicellular aquatic organisms whose skeletons are made up of a natural substance called silica, which have been subjected to an activation process to improve their mechanism of action. This is based on the binding capacity that diatoms have on water molecules presented in the food bolus.

The product has an effect on the intestinal transit of animals, as it slows it down to increase the retention time of feed in the digestive tract. In this way, the contact with the digestive enzymes and the intestinal microvilli responsible for nutrient absorption is increased. This generates a positive effect on growth rate, feed efficiency and animal welfare.

Natural preservative and digestive antimicrobial

During the visits, the importance of preserving food and raw materials in a scenario of rising costs was also addressed. Alquermold Natural is a natural additive with bactericidal and fungicidal activity, based on the synergy between the cimenol ring, an active compound of botanical origin, and citric acid. It works as a natural preservative for feed and as a natural antimicrobial in the digestive tract.

Its application in raw material and feed allows maintaining the nutritional value of the feed, with an immediate effect, and a broad spectrum against various microorganisms. In addition, the effect is long-lasting, up to 6 months long.

Its microbicidal properties allow it to be also effective against fungi and pathogenic bacteria present in the digestive tract, where it eliminates microorganisms such as E. coli, Salmonella and Clostridium, and promotes the balance of the intestinal microbiota.

Alquernat Immuplus, an ally of the immune system

The maintenance of immunity is a particularly important factor in intensive farming, to ensure protection against the various microbiological challenges that routinely affect farms, a topic that was also addressed during the technical visits.

Alquernat Immuplus is a natural product made up of immunostimulating pronutrients from plant extracts. Pronutrients are active molecules capable of stimulating, up to physiological levels, the specific and non-specific immune system of the animal. In this way the immune system is strengthened, especially in young animals, and in sick animals it is indicated to prevent secondary or recurrent infections. It also acts as a vaccine response enhancer, increasing the synthesis of antibodies.

The visits were supportive for the producers, resolving the doubts they had about the mechanisms of action of the products. The in vitro and in vivo tests presented helped to better understand the results obtained in laboratories and farms, parameters that show that using the natural additives of Biovet S.A. productive yields are improved.

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