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Biovet S.A. participated in the XXXII National Poultry Congress of Panama organized by ANAVIP

Biovet S.A. participated in ANAVIPOn October 27 and 28 of this year, the XXXII National Poultry Congress was held, organized by the National Association of Poultry Farmers of Panama (ANAVIP). Biovet S.A. participated in the conference program with a talk entitled “Relationship between the physiological state and the productive improvement in industrial poultry farming”. In addition, the attendees were able to find the representatives of Biovet, S.A., at stand #16 of the Congress.

The conference, given by Dr. Felipe Mendy, explained the challenges faced by the poultry digestive system and how pronutrients of natural origin contribute to the maintenance of intestinal integrity and thus improve productivity on the farm.

Specifically, there were discussed the benefits of the Alquernat Zycox intestinal optimizer, based on pronutrients, which strengthens the intestinal mucosa and normalizes the activity of the local immune system of the digestive tract. It is a natural product developed by Biovet S.A., which stimulates the local immunity of the intestine, favoring the ability of the animal’s immune system to break the coccidia cycle and prevent its multiplication. These molecules are capable of improving the animal’s physiology by increasing gene expression and become an effective alternative to chemical additives.

On the other hand, the benefits of the intestinal conditioner pronutrients contained in the Alquernat Nebsui product were also presented. These molecules of botanical origin are capable of improving the physiology and structure of the digestive mucosa. Thanks to this, the absorption of nutrients and the defensive function are increased, making it a highly effective product for maintaining intestinal welfare.

Biovet S.A. participated in ANAVIP

Finally, Biovet S.A. met with producers and distributors from Panama and Central America, to share the benefits of its portfolio of products focused on intestinal welfare in poultry farming. For this reason, visitors were provided with information on products such as the intestinal conditioner pronutrients contained in the product Alquernat Nebsui, intestinal optimizer pronutrients, such as Alquernat Zycox for the control of coccidiosis and Alquerfeed Ovoponedoras that improves the quality of the shell and the egg, among many others.


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