Biovet at the XXVII Latin American Poultry Congress

Biovet at the XXVII Latin American Poultry Congress

Biovet S.A. ha participado en el XXVII Congreso Latinoamericano de Avicultura (OVUM 2022)

From September 6 to 9, 2022 Biovet S.A. has participated in the XXVII Latin American Poultry Congress (OVUM 2022) held in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, organized by the National Association of Poultry Farmers of Honduras (ANAVIH).

Biovet participated with a booth where it attended visitors, customers and distributors from Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bolivia, the United States, Brazil, Honduras and Uruguay, among others.

Drs. Germán Bertsch and Felipe Mendy, veterinarians at Biovet S.A. and IFTA USA Inc, were in charge of attending the queries received and presenting the news.

Alquerfeed Diatom fue otro de los productos presentados

The improvement of intestinal welfare, a key theme to maintain productive efficiency on farms, was one of the issues that aroused the most interest. Pronutrients, molecules of botanical origin that stimulate the physiology of animals, are effective in promoting the functioning of the digestive system. Biovet S.A. count with the product Alquernat Nebsui, which contains intestinal conditioner pronutrients, that stimulate the digestive system and improve the absorption of nutrients.

Other issues highlighted were the poor quality of raw materials and the microbiological challenges involved. For this problem, the use of Alquermold Natural was recommended: a natural compound with a powerful bactericidal and fungicidal activity, based on the synergy between the cimenol ring and citric acid. It works as a natural preservative for feed and as a natural antimicrobial digestive.

junto con Alquerfeed Layers, que también fue protagonista en el OVUM

Alquerfeed Diatom was another of the products presented at the congress. It is made from optimized diatoms and its use increases the retention time of the feed in the digestive tract of the birds, which favors the contact of the feed with the digestive enzymes and intestinal microvilli.

The three products, together with Alquerfeed Layers, which was also the protagonist at OVUM, are indicated for the production of eggs. Its use improves the quality of the shell and egg, reduces the percentage of broken eggs and improves the absorption of nutrients at the intestinal level.

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