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Alquermix LN is the new mycotoxin binder with pronutrients designed by Biovet S.A.

Alquermix LN is the new mycotoxin binder with pronutrients designed by Biovet S.A.

The development of mycotoxin binders combined with hepatic and intestinal conditioners pronutrients, such as Alquermix LN, provides solutions to the mycotoxin problem in animal production.

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites produced by fungi that contaminate raw materials or feed worldwide. These substances are harmful to animals such as poultry and swine when consumed and generate large economic losses related to mortality, injuries, and decreased production performance.

For this reason, mycotoxins are currently one of the main challenges for veterinary medicine in terms of prevention, as they can affect key organs such as the liver. This is an important organ as it produces many proteins necessary for the formation of muscle and eggs, as well as for correct immune status.

Among the most important mycotoxins are those of the trichothecene group, such as T-2 or DON, as they cause necrosis in the digestive tract. In this way, these mycotoxins affect the intestinal villi and therefore the ability to digest and absorb nutrients.

Biovet develops Alquermix LN to prevent mycotoxicosis

To face the problem of mycotoxicosis, Biovet S.A. has developed a new product called Alquermix LN. This innovative product is a mycotoxin binder composed of Silicoglycidol in combination with hepatic and intestinal conditioners pronutrients.

Alquermix LN has three physiological targets: first, Silicoglycidol is a molecule patented by Biovet S.A. that binds mycotoxins present in feed. In this way, it prevents this toxic metabolite from causing pathological effects in animals. In addition, it is effective at low doses and works under all pH of the digestive tract. It is characterized by being effective against any mycotoxin.

Secondly, it contains hepatic conditioners pronutrients that optimize liver function by regenerating hepatocytes. These substances also optimize the synthesis and detoxification capacity of this important organ.

Thirdly, it contains intestinal conditioners pronutrients that improve nutrient absorption and repair the intestinal epithelium to provide better functioning of this organ.

Biovet S.A. is conducting field trials to evaluate the results of Alquermix LN in the prevention of the main mycotoxicosis.


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