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Global Vet’s Lab, technical support service now available!

Global Vet’s Lab, technical support service now available!

Global Vet’s Lab, developed by Biovet S.A., is a set of technical support services which offer personalized advice to each customer and region, covering all the needs of animal industry.

From its origins, in 1984, Biovet S.A. has focused on product development and service to prevent the main pathologies detected on farms. Technical support has been essential to design specific products according to the needs of each region and species. That is why, this year the company has promoted Global Vet’s Lab which is a set of tools that aims to support producers in preventing those problems that arise on farms.

What services does Global Vet’s Lab offer?

Mycotoxin analysis: Both, raw materials and balanced feed can be contaminated with mycotoxins since weather conditions worldwide promote the growth of toxigenic fungi in cereals. This service provides a general and accurate idea of the feed contamination and helps to apply an adequate program for mycotoxin prevention. Mycotoxins that can be analyzed are: Aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1 and G3), Fumonisins (B1, B2 and B3), Nivalenol, Ochratoxin, T2 Toxin, Vomitoxin, Zearalenol and Zearalenone.

Silicoglycidol calculator: Once the result of the mycotoxin analysis has been obtained, the data can be introduced in the Silicoglycidol calculator, that will show the exact dose of binder to be used. Silicoglycidol dose will depend on the degree of contamination, and additionally, the calculator takes into account synergic and additive effects between mycotoxins in order to grant the protection.

Fungal contamination analysis service: It consists of analyzing contaminated feed samples to identify and quantify the type of fungi and determine its toxigenic potential. Once the fungal concentration is determined, the proper preservation measures can be implemented, and feed/grain deterioration will be avoided.

Preservative/biocide dosage calculator: Thanks to the results of the fungal analysis of the feed, and considering the percentage of moisture and broken grain in the samples, is possible to develop a strategy to prevent fungal growth, that will include the necessary dose of preservative or biocide to avoid microbial growth.

Feed formulation service: Global Vet’s Lab specialized technicians and nutritional advisers review and correct feed formulations to improve the efficiency and cost of balanced feed.

Diagnostic service by images: Through this service customers can send the pictures of necropsies along with a brief description of the problem detected in the farm. Our qualified veterinary team, which is specialized in pathology, will review the case and report solutions and/or recommendations for treatment/prevention of the problems.

Clinical advice: Our veterinary technicians and professors from Universities that have an agreement with Global Vet’s Lab, perform technical visits to the farms in order to provide clinical advice that will allow to detect the main threats that can affect farms and lead to losses in productivity.

Bibliography: We have 10 bibliographic sources, available to customers to consult the multiple scientific articles. In addition, an extensive atlas of pathology in Veterianria Digital is available for the customers. This atlas allows customers to search for documentary support and images as support to diagnose the problems found in farms.

Advice to create customized and specific solutions

In short, Global Vet’s Lab aims to complement the technical service offered by Biovet in order to provide support in the diagnosis of the main pathologies that affect farms, obtain a complete vision and seek personalized solutions.

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