Study of the efficacy of Alquernat Livol in broilers fed with aflatoxin-contaminated feed

Study of the efficacy of Alquernat Livol in broilers fed with aflatoxin-contaminated feed

In a trial conducted in India, the effect of Alquernat Livol, liver conditioner pronutrients, in broilers fed mycotoxin-contaminated feed was evaluated.

Material and methods

The test was carried out distributing the animals in 3 batches as follows:

  • Control group: uncontaminated feed, without pronutrients.
  • Aflatoxin group: aflatoxin-contaminated feed, without liver conditioner pronutrients.
  • Pronutrients groups: aflatoxin-contaminated feed + liver conditioner pronutrients at 0,5 kg/ton

Evaluated parameters and results

The trial focused on the evaluation of the feed conversion rate at 6 weeks of life, although average weight and feed consumption were also evaluated.

The results of the test are shown in the following table:

Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) and other parameters

It can be observed how feed conversion rate is better in the group treated with liver conditioner pronutrients, even than in the control group, which is not challenged by mycotoxins.

The group treated with pronutrients obtained a 5.88% better feed conversion rate than the control group, while the group challenged by aflatoxins, but not treated with pronutrients, obtained a conversion rate 3.36% worse than the control group.

Feed conversion rate can be better observed in the following graph:

Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) by batches

Conclusions at the end of the trial

Birds challenged with aflatoxins and supplemented with liver conditioner pronutrients obtained a better feed conversion rate than the untreated batch, and even better than the control, which was not challenged by mycotoxins. Liver conditioner pronutrients stimulate the regeneration of hepatocytes and improve the physiological status of the liver. Because the liver is a key organ in production, a better status of the liver is reflected in a higher productive performance and a better feed conversion rate.


This product based on live conditioner pronutrients is commercially available under the name Alquernat Livol.

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