Biovet S.A. celebrated the XXXI International Symposium in Tarragona

Biovet S.A. celebrated the XXXI International Symposium in Tarragona

* Photo: L- (president of the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, Laura Roigé, and manager of Biovet, Carles Domenech);
R- (Manuel Efrein Rosemberg (L), rector of UCSUR, and Alfredo Rubén Palomino (UCSUR)(R)

More than 70 producers and distributors of the poultry and swine sector participated in the XXXI International Biovet Symposium, which was held from May 26th to 29th in Tarragona. Specifically, the conferences took place at the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, the congress was inaugurated by the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, Laura Roigé.

Roigé welcomed Biovet’s customers and distributors, from all over the world: China, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Romania, United States, Peru, Guatemala, Ireland, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, México, Bangladesh and Argentina, who attended the different presentations focused on: aquaculture, pronutrients, enzymes, legislation and the main avian and swine pathologies.

During the two training days, lectures were given by professors from universities and experts from several countries such as: Manuel Efrain Rosemberg and Alfredo Rubén Palomino, from the Scientific University of the South (UCSUR); Hugo Ramírez (Iowa State University); Alfonso Díaz and William Ruiz (INPSAS-Colombia), as well as Drs. Cristina Latasa and Maria Peñas, from Recombina and the University of Navarra (Spain); The event also featured lectures by the technical team of Biovet and Marta Dompablo (from the magazine specialized in veterinary medicine Doctors Eduardo Torres, Manuel Efrain Rosemberg (rector of UCSUR) and Miquel Mulero (URV) were the moderators of the different sessions.

Specifically, during the first session focused on aquaculture participated: Dr. Júlia Pié (Biovet), who presented a lecture on “Infectious pathology in tilapia” and Alfredo Rubén Palomino (UCSUR), who detailed the results of the trials carried out in tilapias using the product based on pronutrients Alquernat Nebsui. This session, which aroused the interest of the attendees, since research into the nutrition of fish is limited   has been carried out in a few species, was moderated by the rector of UCSUR, Manuel Efrain Rosemberg.

* Photo: The professor of UCSUR, Alfredo Rubén Palomino

One more year this international forum created to discuss the optimization of the quality of animal feed for human consumption was successful. Every year, Biovet S.A. organizes at least two international events, in the countries where it merchandizes its products. During these events, specialized in the development, Biovet S.A. exposes the innovations made in its Research and Development Department with the products related to animal nutrition.

Photo: Dr. Julia Pié, from Biovet, during her lecture: “Pathology of mycotoxins in aquaculture”

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