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Biovet S.A. expands its presence in the Philippines

Recently, Biovet S.A. has established commercial relation with the Philippine company Agfield, who will be a new distributor of Biovet products in the country. It is a family-owned company founded in 1992. In recent days, Aris Acosta, representative of Biovet in the Philippines, attended the celebration of Agfield’s 30th anniversary.

Alquerfeed Diatom to slow down the intestinal transit

Agfield will incoporate in its portfolio the new product Alquerfeed Diatom indicated to slow down the intestinal transit. Thanks to its mechanism of action of this product the contact time of the food with the digestive enzymes and the intestinal microvilli that deal with the absorption of nutrients and acidifies the intestine is increased, in such a way that digestion is improved.

Furthermore, Alquerfeed Diatom reduces the amount of water by forming hydrogen bonds between the silicate and the OH- groups of the water molecules. This causes the protons to become free, with the consequent acidification of the intestinal pH. This acidification improves the action of some digestive enzymes.

Research carried out in broilers showed that Alquerfeed Diatom improves the digestibility of nutrients and the productivity of the animals, achieving higher final weight (+92 g / bird), better conversion rate (-3.8%) and better uniformity and breast yield.

Agfield will also incorporate pronutrients

In addition, Agfiel will also incorporate several products from Biovet S.A.’s line of pronutrients among which are Alquernat Coneb, Alquernat Yucca and Alquernat Livol. These products are formulated based on pronutrients, botanical molecules that improve the physiology of different cell types by increasing the synthesis of functional proteins in target cells.

This mechanism of action stimulates the functionalities of the organs and, consequently, improves animal welfare and the productive performance of the farm.


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