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Alquerfeed Antitox, the best benefits in one mycotoxin binder

Alquerfeed Antitox, the best benefits in one mycotoxin binder

Previously, we have described the patented method of obtaining Alquerfeed Antitox and its mechanism of action. Thanks to this obtaining process, Alquerfeed Antitox has unique properties as a mycotoxin binder, which are all differential compared to any other type of mycotoxin binder.

      • Thanks to the optimized adsorption surface of Alquerfeed Antitox, the minimum effective dose is very low, of only 0.5 kg/t. Usually, non-optimized binders require very high doses, which affect the inclusion levels of raw materials and other important nutrients in the diet.
      • In addition, the union between Alquerfeed Antitox and the mycotoxins is very resistant, and this union is stable after passing through the organism. In non-optimized silicates and binders, weaker bonds are generated, and mycotoxins are released in some parts of the digestive tract.

Strong bonds

      • Thanks to its optimized three-dimensional structure, a seventeen Armstrong distance is created between oxygen atoms, for optimal binding with mycotoxins.

Optimized structure

This guarantees very high minimum adsorption levels for mycotoxins of all chemical groups.

Mycotoxin binder

Silicates and non-optimized binders only bind some mycotoxins, and at low levels, so that, complex formulations and high doses are required.

Alquerfeed Antitox is very selective, that is, it has been designed to only bind mycotoxins, while it does not interact with other components of the diet, such as vitamins and amino acids. This has been tested following the scientific method in several research centers and universities.

Vitamin adsorption

Thanks to all these characteristics, Alquerfeed Antitox is the most effective mycotoxin binder on the market since its patent in 1988, the world’s first of a mycotoxin binder.

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