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Alquerzim brand registered in China

The enzymatic supplement optimizes the digestion of feed

Recently, Biovet S.A. has registered the Alquerzim trademark in China. It is an enzymatic supplement which helps in the digestion of raw materials most frequently used in animal nutrition.

There are several factors that can reduce the ability of animals to use feed, such as the administration of highly proteic diets, the use of cereals as commodities (modifying the formulation according to market price) or the administration of solid diets at early ages.

The optimization of the digestion of food allows to obtain better productive parameters and avoids enteric problems derived from the presence of undigested feed in the digestive system. This is where the idea of developing Alquerzim comes from. Once diet composition is known, this enzymatic can be adjusted to it, also to production stages, age and specie and thus increase the productivity in farms.

Enzymatics mechanism of action

Digestive enzymes are proteins found in the digestive tract that degrade the components of the diet in smaller molecules, which can be absorbed by the animal.  Many times, the enzymes secreted by the animal itself are not enough and supplementation with exogenous enzymes is required.

Each type of cereal requires specific enzymes; therefore, the Alquerzim is an innovative product that can be adjusted to the formula of the diets, according to its raw materials; productive stages, ages and species of the animals in each farm.

On the other hand, animals are capable of producing their own digestive enzymes, but various factors can affect the digestibility of feed: For example, at an early age, most animals do not produce enough enzymes to digest starch.

It can also be the case that the animal does not produce enzymes for a particular cereal. Normally, these cases occur when a diet contains a cheaper cereal that contains molecules that the animal specie cannot digest.

Finally, the high levels of protein in the feed that are usually administered to increase production levels can cause important problems. More protein, more meat. Consequently, the animal does not produce enough enzymes to digest such great amount of protein, and the presence of undigested protein in the organism can cause the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms such as Clostridium, the causative agent of necrotic enteritis.

The administration of Alquerzim, adapted to each specific situation, helps to alleviate these enzymatic problems that are frequently found in farms. During the month of June, Biovet S.A. has received the registration of the Alquerzim brand in China.









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