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Commercial visit in Tarragona

Commercial visit in TarragonaBiovet S.A. received visits from top representatives of Georgia’s distributor

As a continuation of the trip made by the Biovet team in Georgia, last week, at the central office in Tarragona, Biovet S.A. has received a visit from the distributor in Georgia.

The meetings held during the various days had the objective of analyzing the current situation of the animal industry in Georgia and establishing lines of future collaboration.

Based on the interest in Biovet natural products and the growth trends in the Georgian market, arose the need to organize a Biovet Symposium in Georgia next year.

Therefore, were laid the foundations for the Biovet Symposium in Georgia in 2023, for dealers and customers in the area. The most innovative Biovet products, the mechanisms of action and the latest tests carried out in universities and farms will be presented at the event.


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