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BIOVET attended the XXVIII AMVECAJ Congress

BIOVET attended the XXVIII AMVECAJ Congress

A technical team of the company travelled to Mexico to carry out visits and meeting in several regions of the country

On February 2022 a technical and commercial team of Biovet S.A. travelled to Tepatitlán de los Morelos, Jalisco, to attend the XXVIII AMVECAJ Congress. More than 1.500 people attended this congress dedicated to pig farming in México.

In the Veterinaria Digital booth, Dr. Germán Bertsch, veterinarian at Biovet S.A., carried out meetings with distributors and customers of Jalisco, Puebla, Veracruz and Chiapas, among others. After the congress, Dr. Bertsch travelled to Veracruz where the distributor, Proinsavet, organized several activities. In that regard, they carried out a training for the technical and veterinarian team of the distributor and attended several meetings with potential customers in the region.

Regulate the intestinal transit to improve nutrient absorption

The most frequent queries during the sessions were about the use of Alquerfeed Diatom, the new product that Biovet S.A. launched in October 2021. This is a product indicated to slow down the intestinal transit of the animals in such a way that it increases the retention time of the feed in the digestive tract and, as a consequence, nutrient absorption is improved. That generates a positive effect on growth rate, feed efficiency and animal welfare.

Pronutrients to improve intestinal welfare

On the other hand, the prevention of digestive diseases was another of the key topics in the meetings. For this, the use of the microbiocide Alquermold Natural was recommended, a product developed entirely by the Biovet S.A. R&D team based on cimenol ring and citric acid. Its use makes it possible to reduce the presence of microorganisms such as E.coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Clostridium on farms and, consequently, the risk of cross-contamination.

In order to promote intestinal welfare, the use of Alquernat Nebsui and Alquernat Zycox was also recommended. Both products are part of pronutrients line of Biovet S.A. On the one hand, the intestinal conditioner pronutrients, found in the Alquernat Nebsui product, promote the regeneration of enterocytes, reinforce tight junctions and improve nutrient absorption thanks to the optimization of digestive processes.

Alquernat Zycox, intestinal optimizer pronutrients, is positioned as an effective solution for the prevention of coccidiosis. This product optimizes the intestinal mucosa, stimulating the local immune system of the digestive tract. Thus, the intestinal immune system is capable of breaking the reproductive cycle of coccidia, so that these parasites cannot penetrate other cells and damage the mucosa.


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