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Biovet S.A. renews the FAMI QS certificate until 2023

Biovet S.A. renews the FAMI QS certificate until 2023

Biovet S.A. Laboratories has renewed the FAMI QS certificate. This title guarantees good manufacturing practices and the quality of the products.

Food safety is a priority issue for consumers, food companies and public administrations. To comply with the standards set by the European Union, there are several regulations that control the activities related to food, including animal nutrition.

In this regard, FAMI QS – an independent company located in Brussels –, developed a specific certification for additives and premixes commonly used in animal feed. It addresses the objectives of food safety, legality and quality of the feed established by the European Union regulations, both on issues related to manufacturing practices and of food safety.

This certification helps manufacturers to further develop their products by minimizing hygiene risks and guaranteing quality and safety during the manufacturing process.

This award, which is complementary to the European certificate issued by the administrations of the EU, has a duration of three years and are subjected to annual auditing to validate the procedures. Biovet S.A. Laboratories has obtained this certificate since 2013 and once again has achieved the renewal of this award under the new regulation until 2023. This ensures that its products are of quality and have been manufactured according to all regulatory parameters.


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