Registration of the Alquerfeed trademark in Russia

Registration of the Alquerfeed trademark in Russia

In July 2019 Biovet S.A. Laboratories registered the Alquerfeed product line in the Russian Federation, a country in which Biovet is progressively increasing its commercial supply of natural additives for animal health and nutrition. The Alquerfeed line consists of a variety of products that, alone and in combination with each other, have nutritional, preservative and mycotoxin binding functions, among others.

The products of the Alquerfeed line are made of additives of natural origin that facilitate the reduction of chemical additives in animal production. This is intended to improve the safety of animal-sourced food products. The use of natural additives is a safer alternative to traditional chemical additives. At the same time, those additives ensure achieving productive parameters in livestock production industries.

The Alquerfeed line is already registered in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and the American continent. The recent registration in Russia represents a guarantee of protection and exclusivity of this product line in the Russian market.

Featured products of the Alquerfeed line

The Alquerfeed line encompasses a wide variety of products designed to improve animal production such as mycotoxin binders. The line also have nutritional vitaminic products which are composed of growth enhancers, mineral absorption enhancers and shell quality improvers, as well as revitalizing and antioxidant additives. Amongst the Nutritional non-vitaminic range, there are products aimed at the recovery of hydric balance and better egg yoalk colouring.

The mycotoxin binders of the Alquerfeed line have different combinations according to the specific needs of each animal producer. In this sense, the mycotoxin binder can be found under the trademark Alquerfeed Antitox. The combination of mycotoxin binders and probiotics for better intestinal health is marketed as Alquerfeed Antitox Plus.

In addition, mycotoxin binders can be suplemented with preservatives. This is the case of Alquerfeed Asinol, a product that combines the effects of the Silicoglycidol molecule – patented by Biovet S.A – capable of binding broad mycotoxin spectra, toegether with a natural preservative based on a cimenol ring. Alquerfeed Binmold, meanwhile, combines the function of the mycotoxin binder with a preservative based on organic acids.