Immunology, main topic of the III International Poultry Course

Immunology, main topic of the III International Poultry Course

The III International Poultry Course was held on October 20th and 21st in Lima (Peru) with a large attendance of students of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, veterinarians and professionals of the poultry industry, who were interested in both: about the technical knowledge taught by specialists of world-wide scope related to the immunology, and about the practical part, in which they could realize necropsies given by Drs. Julia Pié and David Díez (both of Biovet S.A).

The training was organized by the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the Scientific University of the South (Científica), located in Lima (Peru) and Biovet S.A., and was sponsorship by Adivet, Alquermes de México and Veterinaria Digital.

The training addressed, among other issues: avian immunology, poultry biosecurity, pathologies, performing necropsies, rural poultry and ecology. Specifically, during the two days themes such as: “Anatomophysiological factors in birds related to immunity”, “International experiences of criollo bird breeding and importance in food security” or “Diseases prevalent in poultry farms of the Peruvian coast. Control and prevention”.

Among the leturers of the course, were: Dr., Cristina Latasa (Recombina), Dr. Julia Pié (Biovet S.A); research professor Connie Gallardo (Científica); Dr. Hugo Patiño (Adivet); Dr. David Díez (Biovet S.A) and Fernando Castro, (FAO-United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture) or Med. Vet. Liliana Rebolledo (University of Sao Paulo), etc.

The organization of this course was the result of an agreement signed by Científica and Biovet S.A in 2016 to collaborate in scientific research and training related to animal nutrition. Within this agreement, in 2017 four PhD thesis were carried out in the experimental farm built exprofeso, by students of Científica. The objective of research is to evaluate the improvement of intestinal well-being by incorporating pronutrients (natural extracts of plants) into the feed that are used in animal production.


Additionaly, the I Veterinary Science Expo took place parallel to the course. The Expo included the “VII National Expo of Holstein and Brown Swiss Dairy Cattle” and the “I Exhibition of Creole Hens and Ornamental Birds” for get to know the best livestock breeds from the main regions of Peru, as well as domestic and foreign poultry breeds.

The expo included the participation of the specialist in Spanish local breeds, Dr. Eduard Torres; the representative of Isamisac, Miguel Alejo Espinoza, and the representative of the Peruvian Association of Poultry Farming, Ricardo Pedraglio.

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