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XXXVII Biovet International Symposium

Biovet S.A. organizará una nueva edición del Simposium Internacional de Biovet en la Cámara de Comercio de Tarragona el próximo 12 y 13 de mayo de 2022.

Alquerfeed Diatom and Global Vet’s Lab lead the XXXVI Biovet International Symposium

Alquerfeed Diatom and Global Vet's Lab

The format of the XXXVI Biovet International Symposium was again virtual and latest innovations were presented.

OVUM line: natural solutions for layers

At Biovet S.A. we have developed natural products specifically created for layers, encompassed within the OVUM line, which aim to improve the quality of chicken eggs. Aval Premium, Alquernat Nebsui, Alquerfeed Layers, Alquermold Natural and Alquerfeed Ovoponedoras are some of the products that make up this line.

Effect of Alquermold SI in broilers infected with Salmonella infantis

Last Thursday, June 17, 2021, at the XXXV Biovet International Symposium, Dr. Connie Gallardo, professor at the Universidad Científica del Sur (Lima, Peru), presented a trial on the effect of Alquermold SI in broilers infected with Salmonella infantis.

Alquermold Natural for the control of microbial contamination in animal products for human consumption

La industria alimentaria cada vez presta más atención al control de alimentos contaminados con microorganismos potencialmente patógenos, especialmente en productos de origen animal, debido al riesgo para la salud pública. Los microorganismos que más preocupan por su prevalencia en productos de origen animal, así como por la capacidad de producir zoonosis que presentan algunos de ellos, son Salmonella, Campylobacter, Escherichia coli y Clostridium.

Universidad Científica del Sur, Doctor’s Agrovet and INPSAS receive the Biovet 2019 Awards

The Universidad Cientifica del Sur (Peru), Doctor’s Agrovet (Bangladesh) and INPSAS (Colombia) received the Biovet awards in the categories of research, commercial development and technical development, respectively. The award ceremony took place during the closing of the 32 Biovet International Symposium, held on May 27 and 28 at the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, Spain. […]

Use of pronutrients and preservatives at the 32nd International Symposium of Biovet

The use of pronutrients in avian production, as well as its advantages in mitigating the impact of coccidia and necrotic enteritis were the main topics in the second session of the 32nd International Symposium of Biovet.  It was held on May 27-28 at the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, Spain.

Biovet will hold its 32nd International Symposium in May in Tarragona

The Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, Spain, will host the 32nd Biovet International Symposium on May the 27th and 28th 2019. The latest developments in natural additives for animal health and nutrition are expected to be presented in the annual gathering. Information about the use of applications of these products will be put in context […]

Biovet S.A. – 35 years of history: the previous years

Biovet S.A. Laboratories, company manufacturer of natural additives for animal feed, turns 35 years. On the 35th anniversary, will publish a collection of 12 news on Veterinaria Digital, which will be published on a monthly basis, where the history of the company will be explained. This is the first number of the series and addresses the years prior to its creation.

The III International Poultry Course maps avian pathologies in Peru

The third session of the III International Poultry Course, held in UCSUR (Lima) was led by Dr. Lilian Chea and it was focused on: diseases in poultry farms of the Peruvian coast, diagnosis of pathologies, salmonellosis and alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters.