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Biovet Technical Seminar in Dalian.
In the city of Dalian, Liaoning Province (PR China), has developed a Technical Seminar Biovet related to implementation of pronutrients and natural products in the intestinal regeneration, liver and control of intestinal flora. On that day the mechanisms of action based on improving the synthesis of specific protein from each cell type and the results
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Biovet Technical Seminar on mycotoxins in Feng Xiang.
In Fen Xiang a Bipovet Technical Seminar on mycotoxin control involving numerous technical and poultry farmers in the province of Shaanxi (P.R. China) was developed. In the same, major diseases caused by mycotoxins and economic losses caused by the same equivalent to 18% of production was presented. In the second part, the main preventive measures
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Poultry Biovet Technical Seminar in Weifang.
On 19th December was held in Weifang a Poultry Technical Seminar by Biovet in the city of Weifang with the presence of numerous technical and poultry producers. In the same, major diseases affecting the productivity of poultry companies was presented, causing between 20 and 50% of economic losses and put the economy struggling thereof. Emphasis
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