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Alquermold Natural, natural solution to control necrotic enteritis
On March 15, 2021 Biovet S.A. presented a trial in the Western Poultry Disease Conference (WPDC) about the use of cimenol ring to control necrotic enteritis in experimentally infected broilers. The results demonstrated cimenol ring’s efficacy against Clostridium perfringens which makes it effective to control necrotic enteritis.
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Improving the feed conversion rate in broilers with intestinal conditioner pronutrients
Improving feed conversion is key to reduce costs in a farm and, therefore, has a positive impact on economic performance. This improvement can be achieved by adding intestinal conditioner pronutrients in the diets and/or the drinking water, since they are essential molecules necessary for the gut mucosa to work properly.
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Silicoglycidol is presented as an effective solution against mycotoxicosis
Fumonisin, deoxynivalenol (DON) and zearalenone were the most prevalent mycotoxins worldwide during the last part of 2020 and this prevalence is expected to continue during the first quarter of 2021.
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Improve the protection against coccidiosis with Alquernat Coneb
The trial carried out in India analysed the use of intestinal optimizer and conditioner pronutrients to improve intestinal welfare and prevent coccidiosis in broilers.
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Improvement of the efficiency of pig production with intestinal conditioner pronutrients
Natural solutions, like Alquernat Nebsui, based on intestinal conditioner pronutrients, are the best choice to enhance gut welfare, reduce the negative impact of diarrhea and enhance nutrients’ utilisation, which would ultimately lead to an improved feed conversion rate (FCR) and farmers’ ROI (Return of Investment) in pig production.
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Biovet International Symposium 2021
Next Thursday March 18, Biovet S.A. will hold the first online session of the Biovet International Symposium. This time recent studies on preservatives, mycotoxin binders and enzymes will be presented.
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