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Magisterial conferences of “high scientific level” during the XXIV Spanish of Toxicology and VIII Ibero-American Congress

Conferencias magistrales de «alto nivel científico» durante el XXIV Congreso Español de Toxicología y VIII Iberoamericano

The Spanish Association of Toxicology (AETOX) in collaboration with the Toxicology Area of ​​the University of Córdoba organized the XXIV Spanish Congress of Toxicology and the VIII Ibero-American Congress, which was held in Córdoba between November 9-11, 2022.

The congress, as its president and professor at the University of Córdoba, Dr. Rosario Moyano, has detailed, has had workshops, round tables, “high scientific level” lectures and about 145 communications in oral and poster format, in which they debated the main scientific advances and problems in the different areas of toxicology.

One of the exposed posters, “Evolution of the efficacy of the Alquerfeed Antitox binder in the control of Aflatoxin M1 in goats” talked about the efficacy of the mycotoxin binder produced by Biovet S.A. as a measure to reduce the excretion of AFM1 in goat milk. Another poster type work presented the “Evaluation of the use of natural compounds on rumen fermentation in sheep and its effect on methane emission for sustainable and efficient livestock production”.

los posters expuestos por Biovet, S.A. - Alquerfeed Antitox

The thematic sessions of the different Sections of AETOX showed, through conferences, round tables, as well as oral communications and posters, the main scientific advances and problems of each of them. The purpose was to achieve an environment of cooperation, exchange of knowledge, and initiation or strengthening of collaborations between groups. In short, a plural approach and update, which we hope will have an impact on the response to the new and different toxicological problems posed by the the evolution of society.


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