Effect of cimenol ring in broilers challenged with clostridium perfringens


In an in vivo trial carry out in an experimental farm of the Scientific University of the South (UCSUR) (Lima-Peru) in September of 2017, the bactericidal effects of the cimenol ring, product named Alquermold Natural on the productive parameters and the CFU countin the duodenum and cecum in broilers challenged with Clostridium perfringens (artificial infection) were analysed.


The lecture titled "From proplasts to pronutrients and the metagenetic generation" took place in Lima provided by Drs. Borrell and Latasa

Under the title, "From proplasts to pronutrients and the metagenetic generation", Dr. Jaime Borrell and Dr. Cristina Latasa provided a conference on March 8th at the headquarters of the APCV, located in Lima (Peru). During the event, Dr. Jaime Borrell, exposed the studies carried out to demonstrate that the metagenetic mechanism analyzed, is part of a hypothesis that proposes "a primeval molecule, existing in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells (plants and animals), contains the basic instructions to synthesize, from prebiotic materials, the capsule to protect the content and ribosomes to assemble the functional proteins, even in presimbiotic proplasts (chloroplasts and mitochondria). 

Biovet’s commercial team visited Bangladesh, Myanmar and India

* Photo: Left to right: Md. Niamat Ullah, poultry consultant; Dr. Shubash Chandra Das, Department of Poultry Science; Victor Huguet, Biovet Area Manager

A commercial team from Biovet visited Bangladesh, Myanmar and India in February. In Bangladesh, they met clients of Biovet, the main poultry producers in the country, and also had the opportunity to go to the facilities of the University where the Alquermold Natural preservative is under testing; In Myanmar, the partnerships established in the territory with distributors, customers and stockholders were strengthened; During the stay in India, new commercial opportunities were established with poultry producers in the Asian country.

The natural products of Biovet, the main subject of the National Symposium of Colombia

On March 13th a technical and commercial team of Biovet S.A. conducted a Symposium in Colombia where the main product lines of the company were presented. The talk conference focused on explaining the funcions of natural and innovative products of the company that aim to reduce the use of chemical substances in the feed while maintaining the productive parameters and animal welfare.

Study of the efficacy of intestinal optimizer pronutrients to control the presentation of coccidiosis in hens at week 21 of life


A trial was conducted in Colombia to evaluate the capacity of intestinal optimizer pronutrient Alquernat Zycox a product of Biovet S.A. to control the presentation of coccidiosis (E. tenella and E. acervulina) in week 21 of life in hens during the rearing period. To evaluate the efficacy of these pronutrients, they were administered to a group of birds and their effect on the productive parameters was observedand compared to those of a control group (without pronutrients).

A veterinary team of Biovet S.A. visited El Salvador to conduct training

A veterinary team from Biovet S.A. visited El Salvador in February to conduct training about the use of intestinal conditioner pronutrients in liquid. Specifically, about Alquernat Nebsui, a product based on pronutrients (of botanical origin), which can be used in all stages and throughout the whole lifetime of the animals, as a viable alternative to Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs). Also, during the meeting the main avian pathologies and their possible solutions, were addressed.