Biovet in the V Iberoamerican Congress in Lima

From the 19th to the 21st of July, Biovet will be at the V Oiporc Iberoamerican Congress and VI International of Porciculture. The event will take place in Lima, in the Jockey Centre of Expositions (Centro de Exposiciones Jockey), and will be organized by the Peruvian Pig Farmers Association (Asociación peruana de Porcicultores), with who Biovet actively collaborates.

UCSUR’s experimental aquaculture farm

A technical team from Biovet S.A. visited the experimental facilities for Aquaculture Research in the Universidad Científica del Sur. During the visit, the chances of collaboration towards researching for fish farming were discussed, whether in Amazonic or globally-found species, regarding the use of acidifiers, intestinal conditioners and immuneboosters.