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Alquerfeed Esevital 

Metabolic antioxidant, vitamin E and selenium

Alquerfeed Esevital 
Metabolic antioxidant, vitamin E and selenium

Oral solution


ALQUERFEED ESEVITAL is intended for situations of nutritional deficiencies, vaccination, sudden temperature changes, or periods of high production. It is particularly useful in animals with fast growth rates or during the reproductive period.

Its revitalizing and antioxidant effects are based, mainly, on the fact that it combines vitamin E and selenium, whose biological antioxidant activity is essential for the organism. They also stimulate the immune system and are involved in the reproductive metabolism.


ALQUERFEED ESEVITAL is administered mixed with feed at a dose of 1 ml per kilogram or in drinking water at 1 ml/l.


Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical zones and the claims of the products may differ based on government requirements of each country.

Product availability may vary by country. For specific information, contact us.

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