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Alquernat Immuplus: applied methagenetic.
A team of researchers from the University of Fujian (China) led by Dr. Yu has presented the results of a comparative test between Alquernat Immuplus and 黄芪 (Astragalus) on swine immunology. According to the intended metagenético mechanism, the results show a significant increase in synthesis of swine globulin. This study shows that the increase in the production
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Biovet International Symposium 2015 for development.
On Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona an International Symposium Biovet for Development 2015 was developed, attended by participants from 9 countries, (USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Ukraine, Georgia, China) from Biovet, S.A. laboratories and representatives of Departament D´Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca, Alimentació i Medi Rural from Generalitat de Catalunya. The inaugural parliaments were presented by
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Biovet seminar on pig in Fujian.
In Fuzhou City it has developed a seminar on modern swine farming with the participation of scientists from the University of Fujian and Biovet, S.A. to study trends in the Chinese and international swine industry. Issues related to the use of natural additives to improve the physiology of the animal organs and reduce the use
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Biovet, S.A. presents Alquerfeed Antitox Gel patent.
In the development of CAHE 2015 in the city of Chongqing (China) Biovet, S.A. presents A. Antitox Gel patent, a mycotoxin binder. This is the first step of the new technology developed by Biovet, S.A. to obtain a form of liquid silicate which allows implementation as a mycotoxin binder in feed plants and drinking water.
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Ganzhou roundtable about organic swine.
A technical team of Biovet, S.A. and Beijing SG has met in Ganzhou, with representatives of swine industry and local authorities to analyze the situation and development of organic swine production. Reducing chemical residues in swine production is a topic of general interest and the application of new technologies in pronutrients can work towards the
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Chongqing CAHE 2015: Participation of Biovet.
Biovet SA has participated in the exhibition CAHE 2015 (China Animal Husbandry Expo) with a stand where were presented to the Chinese market, new specialties of Alquernat line. These specialties focused on reducing chemicals in poultry and swine strengthens the impulse of Chinese industry on improving feed security.
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