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Symposium Biovet Tarragona
On 29-30 of September in the Chamber of commerce of Tarragona was developed the Symposium for the distributors of those countries which for various reasons  could not attend the Symposium Biovet International  for development. The Symposium consisted of sessions devoted to pronutrients and mycotoxin binders. The symposium ended with a panel discussion on avian pathology
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Biovet Technical Conference in Kuala Lumpur
A team of the Biovet S.A. Laboratories visited Malaysia to develop a technical conference about using of Mycotoxin binders and pronutrients, also to present the results obtained in the Universities of Vietnam and The United States with the the products of Biovet in poultry and aquaculture. The technical conference was followed by the visits to
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Closing of the Biovet Development Symposium
The closing ceremony of the Biovet International Symposium Development was held in the Auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, at the end of the four scientific sessions and delivery of Biovet Awards Scientific Development and Commercial Development 2015 that had been awarded on the same place. The closure was made by Ing. Sergi
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Biovet Symposium: Restrictions on the use of antibiotic growth promoters in feed.
Drs  Alfonso Sobalvarro and  Raquel Velez, with Dr. Eduard Torres as moderator, spoke about the restrictions on the use of AGP in feed for food animals in the last session of the Biovet Symposium for development. The laws of the European Union were noted, the scientific aspects and the influence of public opinion on the
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Biovet International Symposium: Vaccine Safety
The fourth session moderated by Dr. Eduard Torres, an expert in European law, was dedicated to general immunology. This conference, led by Dr Carlos de Salas Salazar, president of the Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Peru and consultant specializing in vaccines, focused the attention of the audience, making a review of the main columns of
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Adivet-Biovet swine Seminar in the Peruvian Association of Pig Farmers
Seminar offered by Adivet-Biovet was held. The event was presented by Engineer. Ana Maria Trellez manager of the Association and Engineer Hugo Patiño representing Adivet-Biovet, who highlighted the importance of disease control and improving swine nutrition as a way to increase the efficiency of swine farms in Peru in the current trend of strong growth
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