Category: Immunostimulants

Biovet solutions for immunodeficiency in pigs at “Expo Porcina 2023” Peru

More than 200 attendees were present at Biovet’s lecture On October 28th and 29th, 2023, Aldo Ramirez, technical-veterinary representative of Biovet S.A., in collaboration with Adivet, the distributor in Peru, attended the 4th edition of “Expo Porcina”. The event, organized by Peruvian state institutions, universities, associations, private companies, and pork producers, took place at the […]

Flash products on pig farming in the XXXVII Biovet International Symposium

Flash products on pig farming in the XXXVII Biovet International Symposium held on 12-13 May in the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona.

Alquernat Immuplus is a natural solution to prevent the consequences of stress in aquaculture

La acuicultura es el sector de la producción animal que ha experimentado un mayor crecimiento en los últimos años, teniendo que hacer frente a diversos desafíos. Uno de los principales es el estrés. El uso de inmunoestimulantes representa una solución prometedora para la producción acuícola, ya que es efectiva para prevenir las consecuencias de la inmunosupresión causada por el estrés

Alquernat Immuplus: an essential product to prevent swine influenza

Swine influenza is a disease that causes periodic outbreaks in pigs in different areas of the world that negatively impacts animal health and productive performance and can compromise farm viability.

Fighting coronavirus with Alquernat Immuplus

For the last months, coronavirus has been one of the main contemporary topics due to the human pandemic that spread across the world, and many people from the sector wonder whether the coronavirus can affect poultry. The answer is yes, birds can get infected by coronavirus, although by a different one: the avian coronavirus.

Effect of Alquernat Inmuplus on genetic expression at the Allen D. Leman Conference

On September 15, Biovet S.A. participated in the Allen D. Leman Conference presenting a poster about the effect of Alquernat Inmuplus on genetic expression in immunostimulant cells and its relationship to increased resistance against infection respiratory reproductive syndrome (PRRS).

Biovet, S.A. participates in the II International Avian Symposium (Perú)

Biovet SA, participated in the II International Avian Symposium held in Trujillo between November 21 and 24, 2018. The prevention of pathologies with big impact within the avian sector – source of productivity reduction and the increase of mortality – and animal performance optimization were the main topics discussed.

Biovet S.A presented its latest innovations in natural preservatives and pronutrients in Eurotier

Biovet S.A presented on its booth at Eurotier, its latest innovations in natural preservatives, pronutrients and laying hens products, among others. Hannover (Germany) hosted the trade fair for livestock professionals between 13rd and 16th November, which was titled: “Digital Animal Farming: Management. Animal health. Food Safety”.

Effect of immunostimulant pronutrients in macrophages

An in vitro test researched the molecular mechanisms of the immunostimulant effect of a natural product rich in pronutrients.
Pronutrients produce the activation of a target cell, which in this case are macrophages, and induce an increase in the translation of RNA to proteins.

The III International Poultry Course addresses avian immunology

The III International Poultry Course addressed in its first two sessions aspects related to avian immunology: veterinary immunology, anatomophysiological factors in birds related to immunity and concepts of immunomodulators, pronutrients and vaccine plans.

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