Category: Enzymes

Use of Alquerzim to improve digestibility in broilers diets

‘Optimization of commercial diets using Alquerzim’ was the first session of the Biovet Symposium. The conference explained the results of a trial which evaluates the use of Alquerzim (developed by Biovet S.A.) in broilers. It is an enzymatic effective to improve digestibility and the utilization of diets baed on corn, soy, and wheat.

Alquerzim brand registered in China

Recently, Biovet S.A. has registered the brand of Alquerzim in China, it is an enzymatic supplement that helps the digestion of a wide variety of raw materials used in animal nutrition. Once we know the diet of animals, this enzyme can be adapted to different cereals, productive ages and species.

Products of Biovet: Mycotoxin binders, pronutrients and enzymes were presented in India

Dr. David Díez, representative of the technical team of the additives manufacturer company Biovet S.A, presented the mechanisms of action of the products of mycotoxin binders, nutritionals, preservatives and enzymes lines of the company.

Pronutrients, enzymes and mycotoxin binders, protagonists in the XXXI Biovet Symposium

The event brought together producers from the poultry and swine sectors from China, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Romania, the USA, Peru, Guatemala, Ireland, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Bangladesh and Argentina. Pronutrients, enzymes and mycotoxin binders were the protagonists.

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