Symposium Biovet

Each year Biovet organizes two international symposiums in the countries where it sells its products. These Symposiums have the purpose of presenting the latest products and advances in the research and development of products related to animal nutrition.

During these events, specialized in development, Biovet presents the results of the R & D department in the new projects. Clients, distributors, banks and universities participate in these congresses.

Biovet Symposium 2017

Biovet International Symposium for America - February 2-4 in Atlanta (USA)

This Biovet International Symposium for America 2017, was held at Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport from February 2-4, 2017, and was distributed in two days:

On February 3 was presented four sessions: pronutrientes intestinal conditioners, pronutrientes intestinal optimizer, pronutrientes stimulants immune and Alquermold Natural. All these sessions were followed by results of in vitro tests demonstrating the benefits of pronutrients, active molecules present in plant extracts that can improve the physiology of the organism.

On 4 February, for the closing of the Symposium, two sessions were held, one on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Association (TTIP) and the second on avian pathology.

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