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Universidad Científica del Sur, Doctor’s Agrovet and INPSAS receive the Biovet 2019 Awards

The Universidad Cientifica del Sur (Peru), Doctor’s Agrovet (Bangladesh) and INPSAS (Colombia) received the Biovet awards in the categories of research, commercial development and technical development, respectively. The award ceremony took place during the closing of the 32 Biovet International Symposium, held on May 27 and 28 at the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, Spain. […]

Alquerfeed Jacium, new repellent tested in Perú

Last May, Biovet S.A. Laboratories tested a new natural repellent to fight against Alphitobius diapernius pests in poultry farms. The new prodcut is called Alquerfeed Jacium and combines cimenol ring with natural extracts

Biovet will attend the next edition of the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition in Poland

Biovet S.A. Laboratories will attend to the 22nd edition of the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN), which will take place between June 10th and 13th 2019 at the AMBEREXPO convention center in the Polish city of Gdansk.

Biovet will hold its 32nd International Symposium in May in Tarragona

The Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, Spain, will host the 32nd Biovet International Symposium on May the 27th and 28th 2019. The latest developments in natural additives for animal health and nutrition are expected to be presented in the annual gathering. Information about the use of applications of these products will be put in context […]

Biovet S.A. – 35 years of history: the previous years

Biovet S.A. Laboratories, company manufacturer of natural additives for animal feed, turns 35 years. On the 35th anniversary, will publish a collection of 12 news on Veterinaria Digital, which will be published on a monthly basis, where the history of the company will be explained. This is the first number of the series and addresses the years prior to its creation.

Biovet S.A will present its latest innovations at IPPE 2019

Biovet S.A Laboratories, company manufacturing of natural additives, will present its latest innovations at the International Production & Processing Expo. The IPPE will be held from 12th to 14th February, 2019 in Atlanta, GA, US and it is expected to attract more than 30.000 attendees, who will find Biovet S.A. at booth A2702, at the […]

Dr. Jaime Borrell will chair Vallbo Foundation

The Biovet Foundation is a non-profit organization that will grant scholarships for veterinary higher education researchers; hand grants to relevant projects related to research in veterinarian and animal production, and grant scholarships for the development of studies related to the evolution of life. It will be chair by Dr. Jaime Borrell.

Conference on Alquernat Zycox at the Gut Health Symposium

On November 6, Biovet S.A. will present at Gut Health Symposium the results of the trial ‘Use of Alquernat Zycox as an effective manner to control induced coccidiosis in poultry’. This symposium is dedicated to animal welfare in animal production and especially in the essential role played by the intestine.

In october arrives the III International Poultry Course

The III International Poultry Course will be held on October 20 and 21 in Lima (Peru). The training is aimed for students of Veterinary Medicine, Zootechnics and professionals of the poultry industry, interested in expanding their knowledge in the sector.

Biovet S.A. will present a poster about a natural preservative at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference

Biovet will present a poster at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference, to be held in Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA), from September 15th to 18th, 2018. The poster will show an in vitro study of the “Use of Natural Alquermold to prevent the invasion of enterocytes of the (PEDV)”