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All are silicates but not all are Silicoglycidol

Silicates, a union of silicon and oxygen, also called silicic acid salts, are the most abundant minerals in the earth’s crust. They occupy 92% of the continental surface, constituting basic components of rocks, sands and clays.

Digestive ecology, dysbiosis and pronutrients

Digestive ecology, dysbiosis and pronutrients

On July 6, 2021, the Peruvian Academy of Veterinary Sciences, in collaboration with Veterinaria Digital and Adivet, organized the conference ‘Digestive ecology, dysbiosis and pronutrients’. Dr. Jaime Borrell, Drs. Anna Tesouro and David Díez presented the talk, where studies that demonstrate the efficacy of pronutrients for the prevention of dysbiosis and other consequences derived from them.

OVUM line: natural solutions for layers

At Biovet S.A. we have developed natural products specifically created for layers, encompassed within the OVUM line, which aim to improve the quality of chicken eggs. Aval Premium, Alquernat Nebsui, Alquerfeed Layers, Alquermold Natural and Alquerfeed Ovoponedoras are some of the products that make up this line.

Effect of Alquermold SI in broilers infected with Salmonella infantis

Last Thursday, June 17, 2021, at the XXXV Biovet International Symposium, Dr. Connie Gallardo, professor at the Universidad Científica del Sur (Lima, Peru), presented a trial on the effect of Alquermold SI in broilers infected with Salmonella infantis.

Reduction of environmental ammonia to improve productivity on farms

Reduction of ammonia on farms

During the talk, the problem of ammonia, its effect on pig and poultry production, health and animal welfare was detailed. Natural additives, such as Alquernat Yucca from Biovet S.A., are suitable products to help reduce ammonia levels on farms.

Alquermold Natural L reduces the contamination of Clostridium, E. coli and Salmonella by more than 96%

Recently, Biovet S.A. has carried out an in vitro trial which demonstrates the efficacy of the natural antimicrobial, Alquermold Natural, against Aspergillus, Clostridium, E. coli and Salmonella. Commonly, products based on combinations of different organic acids and formaldehyde are used for this purpose. However, they have certain disadvantages, such as corrosiveness and high doses. The effect of these two products was compared with that of Alquermold Natural in the trial.

XXXV Biovet International Symposium 2021: Intestinal welfare and food safety

The food industry is paying a lot of attention to avoid the presence of potentially pathogenic microorganisms in contaminated food, especially in animal products, which represent a threat for food safety.

Production of tilapia: main pathologies and prevention

The Biovet International Symposium for Asia was held on Thursday 25th March online. In the training Dr. Ekaitz Maguregui, veterinarian of Biovet, presented a conference on the main pathologies in the production of tilapia worldwide. The conference also presented prevention mechanisms that include the use of mycotoxin binders and pronutrients in the diets to stimulate the proper functioning of the organs.

Use of Alquerzim to improve digestibility in broilers diets

‘Optimization of commercial diets using Alquerzim’ was the first session of the Biovet Symposium. The conference explained the results of a trial which evaluates the use of Alquerzim (developed by Biovet S.A.) in broilers. It is an enzymatic effective to improve digestibility and the utilization of diets baed on corn, soy, and wheat.

Use of intestinal optimizer pronutrients to stimulate the intestinal immunity against coccidiosis

Pronutriens are an effective and completely natural tool to boost the animal immune system, so that it can eliminate coccidia. They physiologically stimulate local immune cells in the gut and, since they do not directly affect the parasites, they do not create resistances.