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Biovet participation in EuroTier 2022

Participación Biovet en EuroTier 2022

Biovet S.A. participated in the international fair of Hannover, between November 15 and 18 Strong performance of the EuroTier 2022 trade fair in Hannover, Germany. After four years, the world’s leading trade fair for animal husbandry and livestock management impressively showcased the innovative strength of the sector. More than 1,800 exhibitors from 57 countries and […]

Technical visits in Chile

Technical visits in Chile

At the beginning of November, a veterinary technical team of Biovet S.A. carried out technical visits in Chile. During the week, our colleagues met with the main chicken, pig and turkey producers interested in the use of natural additives to improve the health and nutrition of their animals. Intestinal optimizer pronutrients for chickens For chicken […]

Technical visits in Turkey and Georgia

Technical visits in Turkey and Georgia

During this visit, as usual, the technical staff of Biovet S.A. focused on working together with producers in order to detect those pathologies that most affect farms in the region.

Biovet S.A. participates at the AMVEAV Veracruz 2022

Representatives of Biovet S.A. were present in Proinsavet’s (one of Biovet’s distributors in Mexico) booth in the XX meeting of AMVEAV held from 15-17 June in Veracruz, Mexico. The congress was organized by Asociación de Médicos Veterinarios Especialistas en Aves de Veracruz and brought together representatives from the avian sector of the region.

Flash products on poultry farming in the XXXVII Biovet International Symposium

Flash productos soabout poultry farming in the Biovet International Symposium held in May 2022 in Tarragona

BIOVET attended the XXVIII AMVECAJ Congress

BIOVET attended the XXVIII AMVECAJ Congress

A technical team of the company travelled to Mexico to carry out visits and meeting in several regions of the country

Alquernat trademark registered in Indonesia

This line includes the products with pronutrients from Biovet S.A. Biovet S.A, a manufacturer of additives for animal feed of natural origin, has recently registered the trademark Alquernat in Indonesia. The Alquernat line includes the products of Biovet S.A. made with pronutrients. These are molecules of botanical origin capable of stimulating and improving animal physiology […]

Intestinal welfare and food safety, central theme at the XXXV Biovet International Symposium

Last Thursday, June 17, 2021, the XXXV International Biovet Symposium was held, again, in online format. The first session of the event focused on the effect of pronutrients on intestinal welfare and food safety. In the first session, 70 people participated, coming from different countries.

Use of intestinal optimizer pronutrients to stimulate the intestinal immunity against coccidiosis

Pronutriens are an effective and completely natural tool to boost the animal immune system, so that it can eliminate coccidia. They physiologically stimulate local immune cells in the gut and, since they do not directly affect the parasites, they do not create resistances.

Natural tools to prevent avian coccidiosis

Coccidiosis is a very important parasitic disease for poultry farms and affects farms worldwide. It causes digestive disorders, from subclinical or mild cases, with some diarrhea and a decrease of performance, to clinical outbreaks -moderate or severe- with severe diarrhea and high mortalities.