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Alquernat Livol: essential for liver regeneration

The liver is one of the main points of the organism, as it is in charge of multiple essential functions such as protein synthesis, essential for the production of meat, eggs and immune effectors, as well as the metabolism of many nutrients and the elimination of residues. In addition, the liver also acts as a gate of entry for many substances that are absorbed in the gut.

Pronutrients, mycotoxin binders and natural preservatives in the Simposium Biovet in Golden Sands

On Saturday, 28 September 2019, Golden Sands (Varna, Bulgaria) held a workshop with conferences about the use of natural additives in animal nutrition. The event brought together around 50 veterinarians, producers and technicians from Rumania in a symposium which was organized by the distributor of Biovet in Rumania, Stelban Com S.R.L. and Biovet S.A.

Study of the efficacy of Alquernat Livol in broilers fed with aflatoxin-contaminated feed

In a trial conducted in India, the effect of liver conditioner pronutrients in broilers fed mycotoxin-contaminated feed was evaluated. The trial focused on the evaluation of the feed conversion rate at 6 weeks of life, although average weight and feed consumption were also evaluated.

Study of the efficacy of liver conditioner pronutrients in pregnant sows and piglets

In a trial conducted in Colombia, the effect of liver conditioner pronutrients during the last third of pregnancy in sows and piglets and also during lactation was evaluated. Material and methods The trial was carried out in a farm in Santa Rosa de Cabal using 28 Topigs females in the last third of gestation, divided […]