Alquermix Starter Piglets
Alquermix Starter Piglets
Production enhancer for piglets

Premix powder


Alquermix Starter Piglets helps to develop piglet’s digestive system to optimize feed digestion from 5 days of life, facilitating early weaning. Piglet’s growth is improved, the next reproductive cycle of the mother is more fertile and faster and general welfare is improved. It improves handling because of its content in preservatives, mycotoxin binders, coccidiostats, antioxidants, immunoboosters, probiotics, growth promoters, hepatoprotectors and enzymes in only one product.


Alquermix Starter Piglets is administered mixed with feed at a dose of 4 g/kg.

* It is intended for piglets from the 5th day of life to 7 kg.

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