NEWSBiovet S.A will present its latest innovations at IPPE 2019
Biovet S.A Laboratories, company manufacturing of natural additives, will present its latest innovations at the International Production & Processing Expo.
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The III International Poultry Course maps avian pathologies in Peru
The third session of the III International Poultry Course, held in UCSUR (Lima) was led by Dr. Lilian Chea and it was focused on: diseases in poultry farms of the Peruvian coast, diagnosis of pathologies, salmonellosis and alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters.
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Use of Alquernat Yucca, based on Yucca extract and cimenol ring, in laying hens
In this trial the use of Alquernat Yucca, an additive based on yucca extract and cimenol ring, is tested in the diet of laying hens to reduce the concentration of ammonia present in the farms. The results show that it was reduced to more than half of the initial values, improving the general condition and welfare of the birds.
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Biovet, Alquermold Natural and Alquernat Nebsui brands, registered in the US
Biovet S.A has recently received approval for the registration of the brands Biovet, Alquermold Natural (natural preservative) and Alquernat Nebsui (intestinal conditioner pronutrients) in the US. Biovet S.A. has been working for more than 8 years in the North American country.
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