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Most important pathologies in poultry farming and salmon production

The fourth session of the 32nd International Biovet Symposium , held on May 27-28 at the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, focused on common pathologies in the fields of poultry and aquaculture. The first conference reviewed the 14 most prevalent diseases in poultry production , followed by a conference focused on the most frequent diseases in salmon farming . The session was complemented […]

The use of pronutrients in aquaculture led the Biovet International Symposium

The Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona host the 32nd edition of the Biovet International Symposium. During the first session, assays about the use of pronutrients in aquaculture were presented.

Biovet will hold its 32nd International Symposium in May in Tarragona

The Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, Spain, will host the 32nd Biovet International Symposium on May the 27th and 28th 2019. The latest developments in natural additives for animal health and nutrition are expected to be presented in the annual gathering. Information about the use of applications of these products will be put in context […]

Response to the addition of Alquernat Immuplus in the diet of tilapia nilotica

This trial evaluates the inclusion effect of three levels of incorporation of Alquernat Immuplus, immunostimulant pronutrients, in the feed of tilapia fingerlings (Oreochromis niloticus, Chitralada strain) on growth, productive parameters, immunological and nutritional status. Also, to determine the optimal dose of pronutrients incorporation in its diet.