Mission and vision


Biovet was born in 1984 to develop a new veterinary concept providing advice, information and services in addition to high quality products.

Our main mission is the development of innovative and effective products that help our customers to improve their products, respecting animal welfare and maintaining the productive parameters.

We have an extensive catalog of specialties for poultry, swine, ruminants and fish that have been developed based on rigorous scientific research and maintaining the quality standards.


From farm to lab...

Our products are the result of direct contact with farms and feedmills, giving a scientific and effective answer to their everyday problems.

We are focused on offering solutions against the main pathologies, considering the effects on health and their impact on productivity and economic performance. 

… and from lab to farm

Product development is carried out jointly with universities around the world. We aim to offer practical solution focused on prevention. By practising necropsies, analysis plans and studying productive parameters, our team elaborates highly effective zootechnical programs.

Each new formulation is tested in field trials conducted through the collaboration of experimental farms, customers, distributors or veterinary institutions.